Damn The Carnations

Damn The Carnations
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“Sammie Mays is a Category 5 literary hurricane. Here’s a full-force gale of stories about the adventures that earned her the nickname ‘The Gonz’ and a place as the honorary mayor of Key West. ‘Damn the Carnations’ has the added attraction of making you reconsider your approach to toilet flushing. The book is full of piss, vinegar, wisdom and advice for living the good life.” WILLIAM McKEEN, Professor & Chair, Boston University, Dept. of Journalism 

Exciting. Humorous. Entertaining. Embark on a road-worthy journey inside the mind of an other-worldly journalist tripping unpredictably from one adventure to another. There is no rhyme or reason, no alarm clocks and no deadlines. More importantly there is no going back. So just relax, sit back, and allow the potion to have its intended effect. And remember: the stories you are about to read is what happens when the Universe discovers your chosen destination and decides it’s time to refold the map. Trip Advisory: If at any point during the trip road conditions become too hazardous and you find yourself dreaming of a hot meal and a nice safe warm bed, keep focused on the horizon and, underneath your breath, just keep repeating, over and over again …“Damn The Carnations Full Speed Ahead!