The Original Pirate Night Before Christmas

The Original Pirate Night Before Christmas
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“This book is precious!” -Paula Deen, Celebrity Chef, Author: Christmas With Paula Deen … Shiver me timbers and a Yo ho, ho, ho! There’s a little something you might not know about Ol’ Saint Nick, so best ye move over Red Beard, Black Beard, and Blue Beard, ’cause there’s a pirate known as Ol’ White Beard and when it comes to getting pirates their holiday loot n’ booty, aboard his sloop the Yuletide, he sails the seven seas with a fantastic unleashed team of endangered beluga white whales, that, upon ocean waves, are a miraculous sight to behold!



“Finally, I get to combine two of my pleasures — reading aloud to children and talking like a pirate. This book is so much fun to read and to act out and, as a father of seven, I can guarantee it’s kid-tested and approved.” ~ William McKeen, Professor of Journalism, Boston University

“You signed one of your Pirate Night Before Christmas books for my grandson a couple of years back at Waveland Library. As you read, he was hanging on your every word. We read it again a few nights ago – Christmas has no season, of course. I told him you would be here in October on his birthday, and he asked if it would be ok to leave his party for a little while to go to the festival. So, I guess we’ll be having a MORNING party this year. Cannot wait!” ~ Marcia Stewart

“This book flew to England with me last year, I bought it for my 4 year old nephew and read it to him every night!!! I bought the rum cake ( chocolate one ) and we had a little bit every time I read that part !!!

He loved it … I shall have to remember the rum cake to take this year too!!!” ~ Laura Maddison

“A marvelous flight of pirate fancy for a noble purpose.” Sir Peter Anderson, Secretary General, Conch Republic

“Pulled o’ the waves by beluga white whales” the sloop Yuletide has sailed out of the storybook pages of ‘Pirate Night Before Christmas’ onto Lake Gaston’s Holiday Boat Parade, taking with with it 1st place honor and hearts of the judges.” ~ David Hemingway

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