"Sammie's true adventures and her unique style of writing kept me entertained throughout the book! Reminiscent of Kinky Friedman's semi-autobiographies, "Damn the Carnations" is personal satire at its best!" -Janice Tracy

"The Mayor sings the truth!" -Badgerbreeze

"Mayor Sammie tells all! Her prose brings you right into the heart of Key West. Fantastic storyteller with a most creative mind! Thanks to her for sharing her exploits.

GONZO'S GONE WILD!!! -Debra Farren

"Begin an unsuspecting stroll through any chapter of this humorously written, action filled book & immediately find yourself mesmerized by the hysterical rollicking journey that awaits. The Gonz manages to deliver irreverence with great charm & touching candor to those Readers, prepare yourselves for balls of brass & class with sass, gently shaken & served up in a very high glass for "HOLD THE CARNATIONS: FULL SPEED AHEAD!" has arrived, true short stories by international author, Florida Keys & Key West Honorable Mayor for Life, Sammie Gonzo Mays. & you'd best believe, she's been there, done that & merrily continues on to wildly delight & enrapture loyal & new audiences, alike. GONZO'S GONE WILD!!! willingly take flight alongside her, maneuvering masterfully with penned panache as only she can. The added bonus of fabulous photographs and her riveting account of "How Charlie Got Hustled" make this an unbeatable treasure. So, damn the cardio, risk the cardiac, it's full speed ahead in deliciously rambunctious Sammie Style!

Five Stars -Marlene

"It's a very interesting read. I will be reading more of her books."

Make a Cocktail and Settle In..... -Donna VanderVeen

"If you are lucky, really lucky, someday you will have the privilege of sitting with Sammie Mays while sipping a Cuba Libre listening to her spin a tale. Until then I highly recommend buying this book. You'll have to make your own drink, but it won't take many pages to feel like you know her. Oh, the stories this gal has to tell. I have enjoyed it so much that I am back purchasing more copies for all of the women in my life. I want them to be lucky enough to hear these stories, too!!"

Sheer brilliance in telling just enough of the story to leave the reader spellbound. -D. D. Wingert

"My family has always had its love for good story-telling, and when my sister sent me this book I knew it had to be good. It takes a good story teller to know one and my sister is one of the best. I am NOT disappointed. One doesn't have to be a frequent visitor to Key West to enjoy this engaging story teller's gems. Each chapter is told from the interplay of Mayor Gonzo's (Sammie Mays) ribald wizardry with her skeptical but charming interviewer, journalist Jack. As Jack gets sucked into Sammie's world of madness and mayhem, so did I."

Damn the Carnations is a juggernaut! -Richard Blevens

"Really loved the stories and I want to read more! Bonus section on Charlie Hustle is great... the real untold story!"

“Whenever I need a good laugh or just an entertaining read, I always turn to The Gonz. Her tabloid experience, acute perception and a remarkable sense of humor make her a totally entertaining writer in her own unique genre.” –Dick Conklin, Journalist, Columnist Emeritus

“The female Dave Barry!” –Jim Hansen, Sugarloaf

“Where she’s going she won’t be able to spend a dime of that money!” –Warden, United States Penitentiary, Marion, Illinois

“A modern day ‘On The Road’ adventure.” – Jill Zima Borski, Writer Examiner.com, Author, Know That I Have Lived

“An exceptional writer and natural born actor who can snap onto any scenario.” –Philip Burton, Shakespeare Scholar, Writer, Director, Professor

“If not for living vicariously through the adventures of the Gonz we’d be left reading nothing but political ads and legal notices.” –S. Miller, Reviewer

"'Damn The Carnations Full Speed Ahead' is a gorilla of a book stuffed into a monkey suit." –Pamela Childs, Publisher, Destination Florida